• Tested, certified ingredients, selected based on the latest scientific publications and clinical trials.

  • Several dietary supplements in 1 capsule - no more swallowing 10 tablets a day!

  • No fillers and preservatives in the capsule - transparent formula.

  • Sustainable production in a plant that maintains the highest quality standards.

Expert opinion

Quality is the basis

Compositions and therapies based on science and safety are my priority - this is also the case with Health Botanics products. These are dietary supplements with very concentrated compositions, in the purest possible form, without preservatives and fillers. I like to include them in cosmetological and dietary therapies for my patients, in whom I see fantastic results.

mgr Justyna Bojko - Dynarska

dyplomowany dietetyk, kosmetolog


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About us

Health Botanics is a Polish company that was established in response to our needs and the needs of all women around us. An experienced team for many months worked on the composition, technology and packaging to create something that has not been on the Polish market yet. We are here for you and we want to provide you with a better quality of life, which is why we have created supplements with the highest possible concentrations of extracts, vitamins and minerals in harmony with nature.

  • NatiCol

    (Beauty queen ingredient)

    Clinical studies have confirmed positive effects in the form of reducing the visibility of wrinkles, increasing skin firmness and overall improving its condition.

    Duteil L., Queille-Roussel C., Maubert Y., Esdaile J., Bruno Bonnet C., Lacour JP. (2016). Specific natural bioactive type 1 collagen peptides oral intakereverse skin aging signs in mature women. J. Aging Res. clin. Practice; 5(2):84- 92.

  • Maca

    (Love story component)

    The study showed that the use of Maca root has a significant effect on improving libido.

    Christina M. Dording, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, 50 Staniford Street, 401, Boston, MA 02114, USA., A Double-Blind, Randomized, Pilot Dose-Finding Study of Maca Root (L. Meyenii) for the Management of SSRIs -Induced Sexual Dysfunction

  • Safflower beetle

    (Adapogen power ingredient)

    Pharmacological studies involving humans have shown an increase in fitness and physical endurance after
    the use of Szczodrak root extracts.

    Azizov AP, Seĭfulla RD, Chubarova AV. Vliians nastoĭki levzei i levetona na gumoral'nyĭ immunity
    sportsmenov [Effects of leuzea tincture and leveton on humoral immunity of athletes]. Exp Klin Farmakol. 1997 Nov-Dec;60(6):47-8. Russian. PMID: 9460599.

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