1. Is there a purchase bill in the box with the order?

No, proof of purchase we send to your e-mail address a calmly packaged package can be sent or given to someone as a gift :)

2. Why can supplements have a specific smell?

We do not add any aromas, preservatives or fillers to our products. Some extracts or vitamins have their characteristic smell, which can be felt when you unscrew the jar - this is their natural aroma.

3. Are Health Botanics supplements produced in Poland?

By all means, our supplements are produced in Poland. Extracts, vitamins, minerals or capsules come from different parts of the world.

4. Are Health Botanics products safe for pregnant or nursing women?

For our own safety, we recommend consulting a doctor on the inclusion of supplements in the daily diet.

5. Can you open the capsule and eat the powder itself?

You can open the capsule, the ingredients of our preparations should not irritate the mucosa during swallowing. However, you must take into account the fact that after opening the capsule, some products may lose their properties, part of the product can also pour out while opening, so we encourage you to swallow the entire product - we tried to fit everything in the smallest possible capsules :)

6. What are the capsules made of?

In most of our products, the capsules are vegan - made of hydroxypropylomethylcellulose, only in the beauty queen product we used gelatin capsules - in the middle of the capsule there is collagen Fish Naticol through they could not be fully vegan.

7. Naticol - Why is this collagen special?

Naticol® is distinguished by a high content of collagen proteins (minimum 93%). His molecules have an average molecular weight of 4000 daltones. This is less value than the limit of the intestinal permeability, thanks to which Naticol® collagen has very high absorption. It is distinguished by high bioavailability and bioactivity. The properties of this collagen have been confirmed in clinical trials.


  1. What is the subscription?

Subscription is a regular shipping of our supplements to you. You decide which products you want to subscribe and how often they are to be sent to you (every month or one and a half months), then connect the payment card and we will take care of the rest. In the meantime, you can freely change, stop or cancel your participation in the subscription of a given product.

2. How can I manage my subscription?

To manage your subscription, you must have an account in our store set for the same e-mail address to which the subscription was ordered.

3. Do I pay for delivery during the subscription?

In the subscription, delivery to the parcel locker is free.