Kolagen NatiCol - co o nim wiemy?

NatiCol collagen - what do we know about it?

Collagen is a natural polymer produced by our body. Its most important function is to maintain the structural integrity of tissues and organs. In other words, it is responsible for the strength of tissues - hardness, elasticity, elasticity. It also takes part in the blood clotting process, in regenerative processes (wound healing, bone healing after fractures) and facilitates the absorption of minerals.

Oral intake of collagen stimulates the synthesis of endogenous collagen, and its increased amount in the body primarily contributes to improving the condition of the skin. The skin is moisturized and increases its elasticity, making wrinkles less visible. However, the key is to choose the right collagen - one that will be highly absorbable. NatiCol collagen is the highest quality collagen hydrolyzate extracted from fish skin. NatiCol collagen particles have an average molecular weight of 4,000 Daltons - this value is lower than the intestinal permeability limit, which makes its absorption very good.

NatiCol collagen is the leading ingredient of the Beauty queen dietary supplement (570 mg per daily portion).

However, high digestibility is not everything. The effectiveness of NatiCol collagen supplementation has also been proven in clinical trials.

1. A study confirming its effectiveness in improving skin condition.

The Clinical Pharmacology Center Applied to Dermatology in Nice, France, conducted a study on 100 healthy women aged 50 to 70. It was carried out in accordance with the highest standards - randomization and a double-blind trial were used. Each stage of the examination was supervised by a team of qualified dermatologists.

The results confirmed the effectiveness of Naticol® fish collagen - a clear improvement in skin condition was observed in the study participants. The skin was better moisturized and more elastic, and wrinkles became less visible. The study also confirmed that Naticol® collagen is well tolerated by the body. 1

2. A study confirming its effectiveness in improving joint function

In the Cork hospital in Ireland, a clinical trial was conducted on 30 people who supplemented NatiCol collagen in the amount of 10g a day - the physical fitness of the subjects improved - NatiCol contributed to relieving pain in osteoarthritis and improving the fitness of the lower parts of the body. 2

3. Test confirming the effectiveness in increasing physical performance

This clinical trial involved 28 people with an average age of 62.5 years. The results of the study showed that supplementation with NatiCol collagen for 24 weeks improved the performance of the subjects, increasing their muscle mass , mobility, and reducing their overall body weight . 3

These are not the only studies confirming effectiveness in the mentioned areas. References to the rest can be found in the bibligraphy (4-8).

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