Regulations on the use of gift vouchers


"Publisher" - Health Botanics, ul. Wigilijna 2/6 93-329 Łódź, NIP: 9820386279

"Online Store-" operating at run by Health Botanics

"Gift Coupon" - a goods voucher in an intangible form (represented by an alphanumeric code), authorizing the purchase of goods in the online store up to a maximum amount corresponding to the nominal value of the voucher.

"Buyer" - a person who purchases from BonCard Polska Sp. z o. o

Gift Coupon in exchange for transferring cash.

"User" - the Buyer or each holder of the Gift Voucher.

"Goods" - items offered for sale in the online store

  1. General conditions
  2. The Publisher undertakes to accept the Gift Coupon for redemption in the Online Store The Gift Coupon is transferred to the Buyer via BonCard Polska Sp. z o. o
  3. The Buyer undertakes to provide BonCard Polska Sp. z o. o. cash in an amount equal to the nominal value of the Gift Coupon. Payment for the Gift Coupon may be made via payments indicated by BonCard Polska Sp. z o. o
    3. The Gift Coupon can be used in the Online Store by entering the alphanumeric code shown on the Coupon in the dedicated field in the basket on the right.
  4. The Gift Coupon cannot be exchanged for cash (cash) in whole or in part and cannot be returned to the Publisher, subject to § 9 of these Regulations.
    5. The Gift Coupon can be used by any User who purchases dietary supplements via the Online Store
  5. The Buyer and the User are not entitled to any claims against the Publisher for the loss of the alphanumeric number (including theft) after its transfer to the Buyer and for third parties gaining access to the Gift Coupon.
    7. The Gift Coupon is valid and active for the next 24 months from the moment of activation, i.e. purchase of the Coupon by the Buyer.
  6. Terms of Use
  7. Each Gift Coupon has a unique alphanumeric code identifying the current value of the Coupon.
  8. The User is obliged to pay the difference in the order price by payment or credit card, Blik or other payment method available on the website when the value of the received order is higher than the current nominal value of the Gift Coupon.
    3. The User may use the Gift Coupon only once.
    4. The Publisher has the right to refuse to redeem the Gift Coupon in the following cases:
  9. a) expiry of the validity period of the Gift Coupon,
  10. b) lack of funds on the Gift Coupon.
  11. c) technical impossibility of redeeming the Gift Coupon.

III. Activation

  1. The Gift Coupon is activated only in the Online Store at the moment of purchase of the Coupon by the Buyer.
    2. The Gift Coupon is invalid after its expiry date.
    3. The Gift Coupon cannot be topped up.
  2. Use of a Gift Coupon
  3. The Buyer has the right to use the Gift Coupon himself or to transfer it to a selected User.
  4. Settlements and complaints
  5. The User has the right to check the current value of the Gift Coupon at any time. The value can be checked by sending an e-mail with a query to
    2. All complaints related to the purchase and use of the Gift Coupon will be considered by the Publisher within 30 (thirty) days from the date of submission of the complaint by the User to the following address:
  6. Final Provisions
  7. By activating the Gift Coupon in the manner specified in the Regulations, the User of the Gift Coupon declares that he has read the content of these Regulations, understands its content, does not raise any objections to it, accepts its content in its entirety and undertakes to comply with it.
    2. A Gift Coupon within the meaning of applicable law is not an electronic payment instrument and is not an electronic payment card. A Gift Coupon is a form of a merchandise voucher.
    3. The content of these Regulations is available on the website